Optimized Yield Farming By Binding Between Polygon And FLURRY Finance

The bind between Polygon and FLURRY Finance reflects FLURRY's objective to elevate its stable rhoTokens as a medium of exchange in routine transactions and keep network fees less. This aligns with the Matic network's modest fee structure, making FLURRY Finance and Polygon a perfect match.

Owners of rhoTokens will be able to trade, spend, and earn interest on the Matic network, while rhoToken's underlying stablecoin will pay out interest on other chains. FLURRY Finance actively observe cross-chain conditions to generate the best steady and uninterrupted yield at minimal risk to rhoToken holders. This means the FLURRY protocol provides a bridge to solve the issue of fragmented, cross-chain yield farming, while dramatically lowering the fees involved.

"More DeFi products are migrating to Matic. We see that the yield is becoming attractive and switching between protocols on Matic is cheaper than on Ethereum due to the much lower gas fees. All of these are reasons for us to build on Polygon," said Mike Ting, CEO of Flurry Finance.

By using simple and intuitive user interface, FLURRY Finance facilitates deposits from Ethereum, pools assets, and bridges them to the Matic network in batches. This brings immense value to Polygon by channeling in flow from Ethereum to the Matic network. 

"We are glad to work with Flurry Finance in bringing DeFi to everyone. As we've always aimed for creating a borderless world, it would need a simple and convenient product in achieving so. Flurry would be a medium where everyone would be able to enjoy the fast transaction time with lower fees we bring." - Asif Khan, DeFi Growth Specialist, Polygon.

FLURRY Finance's integration with Polygon follows the formation of a fruitful partnership formed with DuckDAO, a community-backed digital asset incubator that works with promising early-stage crypto startups.

In July 2021, FLURRY Finance closed a $3 million funding round with investors including AU21 Capital, GenBlock Capital, CoinUnited.io, One Block, Soul Capital, and Dutch Crypto Investors.


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