Maluma's NFT On Ethernity Collaborated With Alejandro Robledo Mejia-RMA Design

Grammy Award-winning famous person Maluma on a revolutionary visible results NFT artwork collection for Maluma’s Icon Universe, Dropping August 28th on Ethernity. This NFT made with the colloboration of digital, 3D and VFX artist, Alejandro Robledo Mejia of RMA Design.

Alejandro’s goal was to make Maluma’s face as a 3D sculpture and bring the animation in it by utilizing visible results and movement graphic methods. The series of 3D portraits are personally designed by Alejandro utilizing technical and artistic excellence. Every sculpture combines retro and futuristic parts that correlate to Maluma’s Papi Juancho album. 

Maluma's Icon Universe is designed as a virtual gateway to bridge the gap between him and his fans, allowing them to connect, bond and experience Maluma's presence and artistic essence in new and virtual ways.

Following NFTs are available:

1-The “Papi Flow” NFT:

The different liquids represent Juan Luis ́s multiple talents coming together to create the world icon that is Maluma. The effect is created with Houdini’s flip fluids. The fluids are custom, mixing between two different physical properties, one featuring viscous paint and the other gasoline like liquids with lower viscosity properties. 

Additionally, the forces of velocity are measured to drive the color of the liquids. The triggering of the liquid is activated utilizing noises built-in vops; a custom scripting language native to Houdini FX.

Price: $50 in ERN & Credit Card

Available: 5000 Editions

2-The “Papi Flow” NFT:

Precious jewels come together to construct Maluma’s face. The jewels are created utilizing a custom gradient measuring the depth of the face to control the size of the fractured pieces. The surface of the face features larger rocks, to allowing Maluma’s face to preserve its likeness. As we get closer to the center of the face, the fractured pieces reduce size to allow for more details when fracturing forces are activated with vex and python code. Textures of the rocks were built physically accurate to the world's most precious rubies featuring advanced subsurface scattering techniques.

Price: $450 in ERN & Credit Card

Available: 950 of 1000 Editions

3-The “Parallel Universe” NFT:

The piece is composed of two sculptures. One sculpture used for collision and the second sculpture turned into cloth. The cloth has hand drawn sketches of historic accounts from Maluma's life and mapped to its surface. Underneath the cloth, we have a layer of gold which is noticeable only when peeling. The cloth is fractured utilizing vex code and the latest material fracture techniques, creating beautiful shards of cloth which are ripped apart. The cloth ripping is controlled with advanced custom glue constraints.

Price: $2000 in ETH & Credit Card

Available: 90 of 100 Editions

4-The “Papi Sand Time” NFT:

The piece was created utilizing Houdini’s latest vellum grains solver. The solver generates physically accurate grains which are artistically directed through velocity forces scripted into the face which is the main collider.

The face’s collider forces turn it into velocity fields, creating a beautiful geometric shape when the sand slides through the surface of the sculpture.

Price: $10,000 in ETH & Credit Card

Available: 20 Editions


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