What Is Metaverse Meaning? Let's Have Some Metaverse Examples To Understand


Meta means "Beyond" , verse derived from "Universe". So collectively metaverse means beyond the universe. Metaverse is a vision in internet world in which you will live in a space like virtual reality and will interact with other users.

This term first time used by the novel writer Neal Stephenson in 1992 , “Snow Crash,” then reimagined as the Oasis in the Ernest Cline novel “Ready Player One,” it refers to a fully realized digital world that exists beyond the analog one in which we live.

But only virtual or mixed reality is not metaverse, it is beyond this thing! One of the basic components of the metaverse is 5G and as the network is rolled out to more users, applications that can connect the physical and the virtual start to become viable.

Currently, you can only experience the internet when you go to it, but with new connectivity, devices and technologies, we’ll be able to experience it all around every single day. 

Few Features Of Metaverse:

  • It will be indefinite - You can't reset or pause it. It will be keep on moving and going. 
  • It will be live - Yes, it will be synchronous and live. It will feel like real life. 
  • It will provide an individual presence - Everyone can participate in event or activity to play and interact. It will be each and everyone an individual presence. 
  • It will impact the economy - It will be a fully functioning economy which will add values to be recognized by others. Companies will need to do market research on their new customers in the metaverse.

Metaverse Examples:

Game "Fortnite" is looking to be an early adopter in the metaverse. 

Early applications have brought AR innovation to try on clothes, model furniture or paint colors in your home and experiment with makeup are done virtually.  Yet the metaverse is more than just enhanced reality. Retail will exists in its own virtual world and extend to purchases of virtual items that will have their own value in virtual economies. Avatars will have their own virtual wardrobes with digital-only clothing and virtual businesses will exist as their own entities in the metaverse.

Entertainment in the metaverse will include gaming but it will extend to other platforms too. Virtual films in metaverse world cinemas with digital-only effects or add-ons are a possibility. Concerts, sports are likely to all have their own expression in the metaverse as performer and sports people avatars compete and perform for virtual audiences. Metaverse travel can be enhanced and entirely virtual experiences to this realm.

Mark Zuckerberg,  is also planning to introduce metaverse in Facebook so that people can present themselves in digital spaces in a different ways. 

List where metaverse can be used are mentioned below: 

  • Gaming
  • Social Expereince
  • Immersive Commerce
  • Collaboration via Video Conferences
  • Real Estate
  • Travel and Tours
  • Architecture and Interior Designing
  • Engineering
  • Learning & Education
  • Health & Fitness
  • Esports 
  • Live Music and Concerts and many more.

Role of Blockchain & NFTs in Metaverse:

No single company is meant to own or manage the metaverse, however; it requires cooperation to create consistency. Assets that one acquires in the metaverse will hypothetically be portable, moving even between platforms owned by different corporations. This synchronization might be enabled by blockchain technology like cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens, which are defined by their immutable record keeping. 

If you bought an NFT avatar from the online societies, companies could theoretically verify your ownership on the blockchain and then allow you to use the avatar within its game world. 

Metaverse is becoming a big attraction for marketing and communications professionals. It’s the next frontier for online interaction. Just like social media revolutionized the online marketing landscape, so too will the metaverse. While we don’t have one shared metaverse at this time, there are companies positioning working on creating it.


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