NFTs New Gaming Portal Kongregate.IO

Kongregate was started with a mission to unite gamers on their platform 

With the trending technology of NFTs, this company don't want to remain behind so they have already decided to enter in this market as well. 

Block chain is the backbone of NFTs, the transparent and secure digital ledger, to uniquely and distinctly identify digital items. That allows for the authentication of digital collectibles or the auctioning of one-of-a-kind that can be authenticated through blockchain, the transparent and secure digital ledger behind cryptocurrencies. By embracing NFTs, Kongregate is giving signal that they have intense and widely shared enthusiasm for this. 

For the company's vise president, NFTs are more than just a collectibles. Company was looking for the last two years to adopt this technology to best use for their large community. 

Now they are ready to take things to the next level with And the best part for their long-time players is that they'll be converting ‘Kongpanions’ and stickers to NFTs when the site launches in open beta later this year.

So anyone that has collected those achievements on will have them automatically on if they connect their accounts.

With more than 1.5 million wallets for players  and it is anticipating to convert those over time to crypto wallets via the alliance with blockchain infrastructure company Forte.

Kongregate has already launched a limited Founders NFT presale on that commemorates the most pivotal titles in the portfolio.  Players can purchase NFTs for’s hit dungeon crawler Bit Heroes and the more recently acquired 2D battle royale game, Future Founders presale NFTs will feature early fantasy CCG Spellstone and other Kongregate developed titles.


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