Katy Perry Recent Announcement About NFT For Her Fans, Partnership With Theta Labs

The renowned pop star recently announced her collaboration with Theta Labs in a tweet on Wednesday, June 30. 2021 She will be releasing various digital collectibles featuring her upcoming performance at the Resorts World Las Vegas Hotel in December 2021.

She she described in her statement as my fans can own a special moment of my residency that’s both a digital collectible as well as an IRL (In real life) experience. 

Katy Perry will also acquire a minority interest in Theta Labs, alongside Perry’s talent agency, Creative Artists Agency (CAA), one of Theta’s latest enterprise validators. Theta Network’s NFT marketplace, ThetaDrop, is powered by the Theta protocol and a native blockchain that is significantly different from other NFT platforms as it was deliberately built for media and entertainment.

The network aspires to furnish its users with a decentralized foundation for video watching, which is less expensive than other alternatives. The participants in Theta Network are remunerated in tokens for distributing video content to various other network users. Theta’s next-generation NFT marketplace, ThetaDrop, is monitored and controlled by the Theta protocol and an indigenous blockchain. Since it is delibrately curated for media and entertainment, it is notably dissimilar to the other non-fungible token platforms.

Theta Labs has already collaborated with other personalities in previous projects. 

According to Theta Labs website, they has once worked on live-streaming one of Elon Musk’s SpaceX rocket launches as well.

The company reported that working with a famous global celebrities like Katy Perry marks a historical inflection point for Theta Network’s success.


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