Bridging Fiat And Crypto Economies By Alchemy Pay

Binance, the world’s largest crypto exchange by trading volume, has partnered with Alchemy Pay, the world’s first hybrid fiat and digital currency gateway.

The inventor of the world's first hybrid fiat and digital currency gateway solution is Alchemy Pay. This company powers seamless crypto and fiat acceptance for merchant networks, developers and financial institutions, and powers adoption of blockchain technology by making crypto investment and DeFi services readily accessible to consumers and institutions in the fiat economy.

Alchemy is a Singapore based company which operates in 18 countries and regions and has touchpoints with more than 2 million merchants through partnerships with industry giants such as Shopify, Arcadier,
QFPay and more.

By enabling businesses to accept crypto clients and get paid in local fiat currency Alchemy Pay solves a major problem for the crypto economy. Crypto payments adoption is vital for the long term and sustainable growth for the industry, but traditional businesses have faced difficulties accepting cryptocurrencies. This can be due to a lack of technical skills, regulatory concerns or just not wanting to deal with price volatility. Alchemy Pay simply removes all of these issues. It also helps make it easier for businesses to accept crypto as they only need to use the same one system for fiat payments (only one payment terminal for offline transactions, and only one API/Plugin to integrate for online payments).

This company recently announced a solution which bridges the gap between the fiat and crypto economies, company will be launching Virtual Crypto-Linked Cards ("Virtual Cards") to accelerate the adoption of cryptocurrencies in the payment sector. 

The virtual cards – which can be linked to digital wallets such as Google Pay and PayPal – support over 40 cryptocurrencies and will be accepted across millions of merchants on the Visa and Mastercard network, including popular eCommerce platforms such as Amazon and eBay.

Alchemy Pay’s native token, $ACH, has been attracting a lot of attention with its listing on Coinbase Pro and the strategic partnership with Binance.


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