$45 Billion Worth Of Bitcoin in GoldenTree Asset Management

Bitcoin investment has gathered a lot of attention from the firm as it recently took part in the funding of Borderless Capital.

As institutional money seems to be flowing in for cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin is desperately trying to get away from the clutches of the bears. 

Bitcoin always remain the attraction of the fund managers. 

GoldenTree Asset Management has recently developed a keen interest in Bitcoin, as was clear from the participation of the executives from GoldenTree Asset Management in the funding of the blockchain giant Borderless Capital.

It was reported that New York-based GoldenTree Asset Management, with $45 billion under management, has been adding Bitcoin (BTC) to its balance sheet. 

GoldenTree is not the first asset manager to invest in cryptocurrencies this year, as plenty of cryptocurrencies have been involved with Bitcoin investment. The demand for Bitcoin ETFs is also on the rise, and approval requests with the United States SEC have been piling up.

In the blockchain industry big institutions want to play role their roles as none of the organizations wants to be left out.


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