What Is A Cryptocurrency Wallet? Best Crypto Wallet Apps

Storing digital currency require something and that is called cryptocurrency wallet. 

Just like you need a wallet to protect your cash and credit cards, you should also know where you’re going to store your crypto. 

When you buy digital currency on any trading platform, or exchange, you may have the option to leave the “keys” to your coins within the account — that’s one form of storage. 

But you can also move them off the platform to a personal crypto wallet, which may be software connected to the Internet (a hot wallet) or a completely offline device (cold storage). 

On cryptocurrency wallets actual holding are stored on blockchain but can only be accessed through some key and that key is provided by a wallet where you want to store your digital currency. 

Best Crypto Currency Wallet Apps:

  1. Coinbase Wallet
  2. Metamask
  3. Trust
  4. Jaxx
  5. Gemini
  6. Exodus
  7. CoinPayments
  8. BlockFi
  9. Trezor
  10. Ledger
  11. Electrum
  12. Mycelium


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