Next Generation Wallet for Web3.0 and the Internet of Money - Earth Wallet


Earth Association is based at Zug, Switzerland. Earth Wallet is targeting to bring a familiar non-custodial wallet solution to newer blockchain protocols (such as Bitcoin Taproot, the Internet Computer, and Polkadot) that Ethereum veterans are familiar with, and come up with an easy way to interact with and build smart contracts with lower transaction fees, and faster settlement using advanced cryptography like Schnorr Signatures. As new Web3.0 technologies initiate to transform the internet with things like decentralized finance, governance, and NFTs, Earth Wallet aims to provide a user-friendly experience for both everyday non-tech users and blockchain experts alike.

“The infrastructure being released this year like Bitcoin Taproot and ICP really paves the way for an entirely new internet, in a way that just wasn’t possible before due to scalability challenges. However, the user experience and developer tooling around these new protocols needs a lot of work to sustain the hype and valuations which they have received.” said Sukhveer Sanghera, CTO of “Earth Wallet solves a few key challenges that both developers and users face when building and using these new internet protocols”.

Currently security audits are being performed on Earth Wallet  and extensive testing, with public launch to follow. Anybody will be able to participate in it. All code will be open sourced, providing a transparent, fast, and easy way for anyone in the world to take part in the future of finance, and self custody their digital assets in a browser extension similar to MetaMask, a popular Ethereum wallet.


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