Nafter: NFT Based Social Media Platform

First NFT based social media network and market place is Nafter. 

Based on the fan demands, Nafter is allowing influencers to make the most of this emerging industry. Volume of users are increasing and also new use-cases are coming. 

All the photos which you usually post on social media have gone to one step ahead with Nafter. You can post on this platform and can convert these photos to memorable digital collectibles.

There is no need to special technical knowledge. These photos can be converted to digital collectible NFT based assets just in few clicks. 

It is simple to use:

-User can Take a photo from their smartphone

-Minting it as an NFT on Nafter

-Posting it to the Nafter marketplace

-Sharing and selling to fans

Nafter has set another level for digital content creation. If users will not like the digital assets, nobody will buy it. So quality and importance of the asset will decide the value of this NFT. 

In this way, better connection with audience will be build by the influencers. 

What is Nafter Crypto?

$NAFT if the gem of this platform and this token was listed on May 14, 2021 on Pancakeswap. 

Nafter is the first #NFT Social network and marketplace for creators and fans to buy, sell, mint & collect NFTs. 

Total supply of the token was  1,000,000,000. out of that 25% went to liquidity. 30% to the platform. 20% to the sales. 15% to the marketing and 10% to the team.


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