Credit Card With Bitcoin Rewards- Upgrade Card

Updgrade Card already having chip enabled contactless cards but this time On July 20, 2021, company has come up with Bitcoin awards. 

The Upgrade Bitcoin Rewards Card is a classic Visa credit card that works across the Visa network. But you get 1.5% in bitcoin rewards when you make payments.

As with every Upgrade Card, the Upgrade Bitcoin Rewards Card promotes responsible credit by turning every balance into a fixed-rate installment plan, and by paying rewards to cardholders as they pay down their balance.

Upgrade Bitcoin Rewards Card becomes generally available since it was launched, anyone can apply with no waitlist, and start using their virtual card immediately until they get their physical card in the mail. Upgrade Bitcoin Rewards Card has no card fees and low fixed rates. It comes with credit lines of $500 to $25,000. Consumers can use their Upgrade Bitcoin Rewards Card anywhere Visa is accepted. Cardholders must hold their bitcoin rewards for at least 90 days, and may then sell at any time subject to a 1.5% transaction fee. Upgrade Bitcoin Rewards Card is not currently available in Hawaii, Indiana, Iowa, Louisiana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, and the District of Columbia.

Upgrade isn’t the first company to announce a credit card with bitcoin rewards — but it’s the first one that is generally available. If your application is approved, you can start using the virtual card immediately.


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